Copper Powder

Water Atomized

Produced from high purity copper chops using a high pressure water jet. Water atomized copper powder has an irregular shape and a high green strength property. This product is standardly used as an admix with iron powder parts to improve strength and mechanical properties.

Water atomized copper powder applications include:

  • bearings
  • structural parts
  • MIM
  • Friction
  • Conductive/Electrical components
  • brazing pastes

Air atomized

Produced from high purity copper chops and atomized by a high pressure air stream. This production technique produces a powder that is semi-spherical in shape with higher green density compared to water atomized copper powder.

Air atomized copper powder applications include:

  • polymer additive
  • frangible bullets
  • water filtration
  • ammunition
  • filters
  • additive manufacturing


Electrolytic copper powders are produced by an electrolysis process and are characterized by increased purity and high green strength, due to the irregularity of the particle shape.

Applications for electrolytic copper powders include:

  • friction
  • carbon brushes
  • electrical conductors
  • diamond grinding wheels